Lower The Cost Of Auto Insurance Using New Safety Technologies

There are a large number of new technologies available that can help you lower the amount of money you spend on auto insurance. These technologies are already widely adopted in new cars and can be installed in existing vehicles to great effect – if the insurer knows about them. One of the best car insurance companies in Norway (they actually call it bilforsikring) is called Troll Forsikring.

Whether you are an individual motorist or a business owner who administrates a fleet of vehicles, there are savings to be had by participating in this brand new technological safety revolution. Numerous technologies are being embraced for the risk-lowering benefits they provide.

Some Of The Most Effective Premium-Lowering Technologies Available

  • Pre-Crash Brake Systems – Many new cars are outfitted with what is called a “pre-crash” brake system that allows them to brake automatically when they sense that they are approaching a collision. Autonomous emergency braking can come with a high cost for installation, but also offer up to 16% savings on insurance premiums under certain plans.
  • Data Tracking Systems – If you consider yourself a safe driver, you may be able to save money by proving it to your coverage provider. A simple monitor that tracks the usage and mileage of your automobile can present evidence to the insurer that you present less of a risk than the statistic average.This works by comparing your data, such as the time of day in which you most commonly drive, against a statistic average that places you at higher or lower risk. This can offer up to 30% savings on your premium, in some cases.
  • Electronic Stability Control – You do not need to be a technology expert to know that a car rolling over is going to cause injury and damage. For this reason, cars that are equipped with electronic stability control mechanisms commonly benefit from decreased insurance costs.This technology is so successful, in fact, that it has been mandated in all vehicles produced from 2012 onwards. If your car is not that new, it may still have electronic stability control installed anyways, as it is a common feature that is often forgotten about during coverage discussions.
  • Anti-Theft Devices – You may worry about having your car stolen as much as anyone else, but your insurer worries much more, since they are the one who will have to pay to replace the car if you have a comprehensive coverage plan. For this reason, an anti-theft device or stolen car recovery system can help reduce risk and lower your premium.

Communicating Effectively With Your Insurer

In order to benefit at all from any of these insurance premium-lowering options, it is necessary that your insurer knows about them. In order for that to happen, you need to discuss very clearly what premium-lowering options your insurer offers and how you can help assuage their fear of risk on your part.

With the combination of effective communication, a good policy and safe driving habits, you can save enormous amounts of money on your automobile insurance coverage policy.